Solutions and Services


When a customer invests in IT what he is waiting for are solutions, operative and economically measurable. This is what CodiTramuntana offers, applications that are achievable for a given budget and on a given period of time.

Be it a commercial or an open source application CodiTramuntana always uses the most appropriate resources, techniques and methodologies.

Either B2C or B2B

What matters is quality and achievemet, we focus on delivering working software.


In parallel to the solutions we offer:

  • Consulting. In the form of solutions.
  • Training. We'll teach how to better use the software we create.
  • Customer Support.


In addition to developing software for clients also developed our own software.
Be it a customer's application or a self made production CodiTramuntana always uses the same high quality standards.

  • Web site catalan economic news aggregator: http://www.negocis.cat
  • Intranet applications: garage specific invoicing app which integrates with an accounting app.
  • Winds of Scrum a Scrum tool for managing agile projects.
  • Ajudant del Boletaire a mushroom classification tool for Java mobile devices.
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