Agile methodologies

Scrum is the key for the projects to quickly adapt to changes in requirements imposed by the current markets where evolution leads to leadership.

Belivers we are of Scrum that we've developed our own Scrum application: Winds of Scrum, and we've open sourced it so that everyone can benefit from WoS.

TDD. Test Driven Development

We consider this methodology a must for assuring high quality software. We still can't belive TDD is a differentiator and not an 'of course' methodology.


Web 2.0

Our base of known technologies seems big but is a natural evolution (or selection) to what is better to develop the web.

  • Javascript (Prototype and Scriptaculous).
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Groovy on Grails
  • Java + standard EE stack

Mobile applications

The Mobile market is an interesting area to be on. CodiTramuntana is just exploring it but already has Ajudant del Boletaire on market. Confident in our Java skills it's been easy to build it from the initial idea.

  • JavaME. Already there.
  • iPhone / Apple's cocoa. Studying entrance.
  • Android. Going there.
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